Environmental Policy

Environmental issues are an integral component of Letron electronic GmbH corporate policy. As a company we are fully aware of our responsibilities to the environment and take appropriate decisions and measures to ensure that this is fulfilled.

Environmental Protection Principles

During the product development and production process Letron electronic takes into account the interests of the environment and complies with the applicable legislation.

Letron electronic is mindful to new environmental technology and uses its materials and energy sparingly.

Letron electronic ensures that waste materials are re-cycled as secondary materials back into the ecosystem.

Letron electronic promotes environmental awareness by providing information and training to its employees.

Letron electronic maintains an open dialogue with authorities and interested members of the public.

Letron electronic contributes to climate protection by:

All work processes are energy optimised.

Letron electronic is mindful towards investment and use of energy sparing machinery, equipment and technology.

Letron operates a multi-shift system to spread the energy loading of heavy machinery.

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Certificates & Admittances

ISO 9001:2008
TS 16949:2009
VdS 2344, VDE, UL