Charitable contribution for Lebensbaum e. V. As in the years before, Letron electronic GmbH handed over a donation to a regional non-profit organization. Instead of the usual customer gifts, this year we decided to donate money for young people with disabilities. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for their positive feedback and support for our initiative and wish them a merry Christmas.

productronica November 15-18, 2011


Moving into the future with EMS

                                   - Challenge and Chance !

In this environment Letron has positioned itself as responsible EMS full-service provider: we offer tailor-made solutions for our customers, share the use of common resources and have committed ourselves to an intelligent energy management.

Those who are interested are cordially invited to attend the speech given on 18 November at 13:30 in pavilion B1 PCB Marktplatz. Immediately following the lecture, we are at your disposal for special questions and suggestions you may have.

Further information can be obtained from here.

Change in the General Management of Letron electronic GmbH


EMS and electric automotive branch: use these opportunities together!
Electrical Vehicles and EMS- Full Service Provider, a pathway to secure success.
This means efficiently utilising existing resources together over the complete product life cycle. We permanently introduce new technologies and techniques into our daily range of services. Total Cost Concepts and Energy Efficiency play ever increasing roles in the manufacturing process.

The production of electrically propelled vehicles is an expanding market sector spreading over a wide range of industries; this for many of our customers represents a new enterprise. Many of the expressions such as smart grid, smart meter and smart home belong to numerous new developments, already instigated in these industries in Germany. It is particularly important to adapt flexibly to the local conditions of the infrastructure and to the requirements of the end user. Who could be better qualified to support this purpose than your local EMS Service Provider?

Interface to a EMS-Full Service-Provider
When considering energy efficiency over the total product life cycle, the interface of all faculties from prototyping, serial production to after sales support have to be clearly defined and the know how transferred to the appropriate resources. Care of the product by an EMS service provider over the total time period guarantees the smallest loss of information and at the same time offers maximal flexibility. A transparent system of being able to easily monitoring the system leads to an effective environment of continuous improvement.

Advanced Quality Planning
The aim of Letron electronic is to achieve and maintain a level of quality, independent of the quantity quota.  More so important is that that we are involved early in the development phase of the printed circuit boards of our customers. This early involvement ensures early recognition of problems, which could later lead to higher costs if not acted upon. Advanced Quality Planning is an additional way of becoming competitive. Other important areas are the standardisation of processes, traceability and defect prevention for the End of Lifetime Management.

Using our Opportunities Together
As an experienced EMS- Service Provider we work continually towards the care of our internal and external interfaces. The transparency for our customers is a success factor, which enables time to be used effectively. The products of our customers are growing more complex, the development times longer and the product life cycle shorter. It is our aim to provide the best tailor-made solutions for our customers in a rapidly growing market.

Come and visit us at the exhibition for 'Solarelekronik and Wechselrichter' on 12th May 2011.


"The availability and quality of electrical energy plays a pivotal role for the German economy".
(Hr. Prof. Dr. Nassauer and Dr. Aulich)

Economic and scientific experts will present a broad band spectrum showing the technological trends in photovoltaic systems and inverter modules. If you are interested in this subject, then this is the right exhibition for you. Letron electronic GmbH will be showing its presents and competence in the cluster forums held as part of the exhibition. Reserve a personal appointment with us, we look forward to a stimulating discussion.

Letron electronic GmbH carries over 35 years experience as a pure EMS service provider. Its business relationships, especially those associated with solar energy have positioned Letron as one of the leading EMS experts available to you. We are your specialist with an added value.

Further information on the interesting and diverse forth-coming program is available here.

Letron electronic is making a presentation at the forum of SMT Hybrid Packaging exhibition in Nuremberg.


EMS & electric vehicles: Taking chances together!-Important factors for new markets-

These are the themes of a presentation by our Sales Director, Mrs Susanne Mackensen-Eder at the SMT in Nuremberg 03.05 to 05.05 2011.
The key concept of the SMT is the marriage of an exhibition with a congress, thus stimulating network by an exchange of ideas that is beneficial to all parties concerned.

More details about the conference program are to be found here.

Letron confirms high conformity to the electric mobility branch


Welcome to the new Website.


Letron electronic GmbH has redesigned its website, now making its pages more comfortable, ergonomic to browse, as well as having optimised its compliance with search engines.

An improved structure, enhanced with customer-oriented functions and a clearer overview are all part of the new design. Its pages now clearly reflect the structured business model against essential information for the internet guests shown in the fore ground.

Customers, business partners and guests will be able to take full advantage of its well orientated structure and the compactness of information content.

We hope you enjoy your visit to

Electric Mobility, a theme for the future- we are already on it!

17.01.2011 )


Quality-conscious, future-oriented
and highly competitve ...
... are essential characteristics by which any business relationship between customers and vendors can be assessed.

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